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What is WORM?

The Water-Organic-Rock-Microbe (WORM) Portal is an NSF-funded project that provides a free online workspace with open-source tools supporting thermodynamic calculations.

New to WORM?

  • Getting started - learn how to use the WORM Portal with these step-by-step examples.

Workshop Video Downloads

  • Introductory Workshop (769 MB, 27 minutes) - Introduction to aqueous speciation on the WORM Portal.
  • Advanced Workshop (409 MB, 34 minutes) - Heterogeneous Equilibrium: Rocks Under Pressure!

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The WORM Team

Grayson Boyer

Lead Programmer, Co-PI

Everett Shock

Project Lead, PI

Darryl Reano

Engagement, Co-I

Molly Simon

Engagement, Co-I

Vince Debes

Workshop Facilitator, Grad Student

Jordyn Robare

Workshop Facilitator, Grad Student

Melissa Sedler

Workshop Coordinator

Kate Weeks

Workshop Facilitator, Grad Student

Nuri Park

Workshop Facilitator, Grad Student

Zach Clayton

Workshop Coordinator, Grad Student

Emma Brown

Workshop Facilitator, Grad Student

Christopher DeSilva

Programming Collaborator